Quality Every Step of the Way

We love to build projects and relationships that stand the test of time. Our commitment to your satisfaction is what drives every decision we make, starting at the very first meeting.

Here’s what you can expect when working with Hickory:

  • 1

    Nice to Meet You

    A simple, informal meeting is the first step in our partnership. We want you to know who we are, and likewise, we want to get to know you and understand your vision.

  • 2

    Digging In

    Next, we gather as much information about your project as possible. We’ll also explain our business philosophy and what you can expect while we work together.

  • 3

    Time & Numbers

    After analyzing the information, we generate an accurate estimate. We’ll then discuss each phase of the project, the estimated costs, and the time it will take to finish.

  • 4

    Signing on the Dotted Line

    Next up, we’ll share a contract to begin work. Our team will show you how Hickory monitors costs with weekly budget and schedule reviews, as well as explore what invoices look like and when to expect billing.

  • 5

    Construction Starts Here

    With the contract in place, we engage in negotiations for supplier and subcontractor agreements. At this point, you’ll meet with your construction team, including the project manager and on-site superintendent who deliver value by ensuring that the day-to-day construction on your site stays on schedule.

Plan now. Contact us today.