SF-Shanks.jpg Shanks Family Dentistry. Renovation of 1920's building that was first dental office in Maryville.
Small-f_Mt1.jpg Hickory's high level of expertise in building mountain homes ensure the integrity of these valuable sites.
SF-King.jpg Geothermal heat, rapidly renewable resources and natural lighting are just a few examples of sustainable construction included in the fine home.
Small-f_OES.jpg 136.000 sq. ft. Ooltewah Elementary School completed ahead of schedule.
HGP_sf.jpg High Ground Park. Hickory improved and preserved this historic site.
Sf-Barn.jpg Timeless Craftsmanship- That's Hickory-Built. The Barn, culinary arts center, at Blackberry Farm.
SF-VW.jpg Hickory continues to be a part of the expansion of Harper Family Dealerships.
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