January 1, 2019

Hickory Construction Continues Additions to John Sevier Elementary


Hickory Construction continues to make progress on three additions to John Sevier Elementary School. The team broke ground on September 20, 2018, and anticipates completion by May 2019.

Additions total around 13,800 square feet and include a series of new classrooms, faculty areas, restrooms, and an extension to the cafeteria. Throughout the project, the Hickory team will work closely with Jim Hinton of Cope Architecture and John Sevier to ensure the new space exceeds the school’s expectations.

Hickory Construction John Sevier School

“Hickory is excited to expand our experience working with the local school systems,” says Chris Duncan, Hickory Vice President of Commercial Operations. “We’ve completed several projects with Alcoa City schools and are proud to build a relationship with Maryville City schools.”

As with any school addition that occurs when students are in attendance, special precautions are being made to keep kids and teachers safe.

Duncan explains, “In addition to installing fencing around all of our work areas, the Hickory team implements a badging system so that school staff can immediately tell who’s a part of the construction team.” Other efforts include background checks and compiling a weekly list of the current team that’s sent to the school system.

While work on the additions will continue during the regular school year, interior renovations will take place over school breaks.

Hickory Construction John Sevier School



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