March 30, 2017

Construction Firm Helps Clients Make the Most out of Their Outdoor Spaces


Following one of the most temperate winters in recent history, East Tennessee homeowners are preparing to bask in the warm spring weather. But they aren’t the only ones getting ready to enjoy the outdoors this season.

Alcoa’s Hickory Construction crafts innovative outdoor entertaining spaces to appeal to a wide array of residential clients, constructing areas that blend beauty and functionality.

“If a client can think of it and an architect can design it, we can build it,” said Hickory Vice President of Marketing John McMillan. “We enjoy working with our clients to build outdoor spaces they will love.”

Hickory constructs a wide variety of outdoor areas for clients, including swimming pools, patios, cabanas, covered living rooms, outdoor kitchens and more. The firm collaborates with clients throughout the construction process, from design to completion.

To that end, Hickory encourages anyone interested in an outdoor construction project to understand that great spaces don’t happen overnight.

“Folks will often call after the first warm, sunny day of spring and want to be swimming by Memorial Day,” McMillan said. “Pools and other projects require plenty of lead time, and folks should keep that in mind when planning their timelines.”

In order to have a pool ready to go by the beginning of summer, McMillan recommends contacting Hickory in early-to-mid fall. That will allow time to set goals to design, estimate and construct the project.

Pools and patios aren’t the only outdoor areas in which Hickory specializes. The latest trend in outdoor entertaining is tree houses and play areas for children.

Lately, tree houses are becoming more popular, as people want play areas for their kids. Some have all the amenities of a home, with electric, lighting and heating, and some are old-fashioned and rustic. All of them, however, are built with safety requirements in place, just as a home would be.

Outdoor spaces of any kind can also boost a home’s perceived value in the eyes of prospective buyers, according to Village Real Estate Realtor Sara Dudley.

“Pools and other outdoor spaces make a home much more inviting and appealing,” Dudley said. “If it’s a well-maintained entertaining space, there is more curb appeal anpool 2d it will draw more potential buyers to the home.”
In addition to a wide array of residential outdoor living areas, Hickory has also mastered outdoor projects on behalf of commercial clients. It has built and renovated pool areas for neighborhoods and parks and even constructed a park, High Ground Park in Knoxville.

For more information about Hickory’s outdoor projects, visit HickoryConstruction.com. To view a photo gallery of the firm’s outdoor portfolio, click here.




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